A journey and a way

Hi, I live in Karachi, Pakistan. I am Software Engineer by profession and deeply in love with Shailene Woodley. I am not sure ‘love’ is the right thing to say at this point but no other word could deliver my feelings correctly.

I am also not sure if I have to setup this website at all, however I do not find any other way to vent out my feelings. However there is a hope that may be Shailene or someone who knows her could connect us!

This website is both a journey and a way! Journey of sharing my feelings when I do not have ‘The One’ around. And it is a Way with a hope to have her in my life.

I need your support, love and prayers. God bless you!


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A letter to Shai

Dear Shai, I am writing this letter to tell you something very important. I don’t know how to say it but I feel for you like I felt for no one else – I care for you so much.

I know you hear this a lot but my feelings for you are real. I never liked or loved someone like I do you. Everything about you drives me crazy and I want to show you how I feel but don’t know if you feel the same. I don’t want this letter to drive you away I just thought I should tell you how I feel.

Love you always!

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Prayers and support!

I need your love, prayers and support.

Love you all!


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Moments to wait for!

Reflection of my feelings!

Every time I think about you,
I’m reminded of the reasons
why I love you from the depth
of my heart and soul.
And I wonder what I’d
do without you,
without your healing smile,
your words of faith,
the caring and sensitive way
you touch me,
lifting me
just when I need it most.
Without you,
what would I have?
What would I be?
I can’t imagine existing in
a world where someone doesn’t
love me the way you do.
You‘re the only one who ever
understood me and accepted me
for who I am.
And I think you‘re nothing short
of amazing.
Your love always has been
and always will be,
life’s greatest gift to me!

Love you always!

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I don’t know how to say it.

I don’t know how to say it as I haven’t mat a person I want to say something. I am creating this website in a hope to get my feelings across and meet her someday.

It all started sometime back when I was surfing internet and saw a show name “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”. I could not imagine at that time that I will end up writing this post after falling in love with Shailene Woodley.

I remember, I just browsed and watched some random episode on YouTube, perhaps some episode from session 2. I don’t know how to say it but i feel for Shailene like i felt for no one else.

It seemed to me a high school boy friend/gril friend drama, however I got addicted to the conversation between characters. It was not just an ordinary show, it seemed to me it has some education.

That day alone i watched first 10 episodes!

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